Mississippi Glencoe Integrated iScience: A Middle School Science Curriculum

Overview of Mississippi Glencoe Integrated iScience​

Mississippi Glencoe Integrated iScience gives you the rigor, personalization, and student engagement you. Customized for Mississippi, it’s a straightforward and easy-to-read, yet substantial introduction to the fundamental behavior of matter and energy in living and nonliving systems. The authors provide even, well-integrated coverage of physics, chemistry, earth science, astronomy, and biology. ​

​The way the material is presented (chapter outlines, core concept maps, and overviews) reveals how the science disciplines are interrelated throughout the text. This edition continues to introduce basic concepts and key ideas while providing opportunities for students to learn reasoning skills and a new way of thinking about their environment.​

Components for Mississippi Glencoe Integrated iScience

Grade 6
Integrated Science Course 1

Teacher Edition
Student Edition
Grade 6 Correlations

Grade 7
Integrated Science Course 2

Teacher Edition
Student Edition
Grade 7 Correlations

Grade 8
Integrated Science Course 3

Teacher Edition
Student Edition
Grade 8 Correlations