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Meet Your Michigan Team

Core ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Health, AP®, and World Languages

Scott Goddard

K–12 Sales Representative
(269) 532-0327

Matt Mayer

K–12 Sales Representative
(269) 339-1338

Kevin Clark

K–12 Senior Sales Representative
(313) 655-6319

Laura Strebler

K–12 Sales Representative
(480) 818-3956

Cindy Stricker

K–12 Sales Representative
(480) 601-3551

Supplemental and Intervention*

Supplemental and Intervention representatives cover the entire state.

John Ruby
Digital Acceleration Group
(239) 380-2629

Leigh Brougher
Achievement Solutions Group
(517) 669-9749 other cell (517) 410-1776

Welcome, Michigan Educators

Michigan students and teachers bring rich and varied perspectives, interests, and talents into the classroom every day. Our learning solutions embrace those differences and empower classroom communities to teach and learn in ways that celebrate individual needs—because each student deserves to connect with the right content at the right moment in their education.

Here for Michigan Schools.

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Help students build a foundation for success inside and outside of the classroom with free Virtual Care Packages supporting Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) wherever, whenever. Engaging activities, posters, playlists, and games equip students to navigate interpersonal relationships, regulate their emotions, overcome obstacles, develop high self-esteem, and more.