Georgia Glencoe High School Science:
A High School Science Curriculum

Overview of Georgia Glencoe High School Science

Georgia Glencoe High School Science series leads the way with the best ideas in science education. The series offers comprehensive content that is made relevant to students through engaging real-world contexts. Leveraging technology to drive personalized student success while engaging and motivating students with hands-on, project-based activities, and real-world applications.

Components for Georgia Glencoe High School Science

Georgia Glencoe High School Science includes a wealth of print and digital resources that leads to mastery of standards.


LearnSmart makes science content accessible to students by providing personalized instruction, practice, and context necessary to build meaning. The program also suggests different ways to access content or review materials when needed, all based on the individual student’s personal performance and knowledge indicators.

Science and Engineering Practices Handbook

Be confident helping students achieve more! Use the Science and Engineering Practices Handbook to introduce the skills to students to support their scientific investigations and engineering projects. As a reference book, the Science and Engineering Practices Handbook provides students with background information, definitions, examples, and Quick Practice activities to stimulate and reinforce learning.

Integrated Student Resources

Written to meet each Georgia Standards of Excellence performance expectation, Applying Practices Worksheets and Project-Based Learning Activities (PBLs) challenge your students to solve real problems in the real world. These sheets are editable, downloadable, accessible online, and designed to meet specific performance expectations.

Interactive Practice

Students have their own digital learning platform called the ConnectED Student Center, complete with student worksheets and digital resources. Assignments you create appear in their to-do lists. Students can message you directly and submit their work.


eAssessment supports you from diagnostic to summative evaluations, giving you the ability to monitor students’ progress, make data-driven instructional decisions, and motivate your students’ academic achievement.