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Florida Reveal Math® empowers educators to uncover the mathematician in every student through powerful explorations, rich discourse, and timely and insightful differentiation opportunities.​

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Florida Reveal Math is built on four cornerstones of effective mathematics instruction that comprise the foundation of the program

The principles of Florida Reveal Math are grounded in the latest research on how students learn best. The blended print and digital instructional model captures the best of both modalities and brings them together in a seamless experience that makes math meaningful for your students.

Click on the titles below to see interviews with Florida Reveal Math authors, and get their take on effective mathematics instruction. ​

Differentiation with Florida Reveal Math ​ ​

Individualized​ Learning Pathways​

With the power of ALEKS, educators can​ deliver a personalized learning pathway via:​

  • Online, individualized instruction, and practice based specifically on gaps​ in student knowledge​
  • Bilingual courses offered in both English and Spanish​
  • Comprehensive progress monitoring reports​

The Arrive Math Booster can be flexibly used to target any standard from kindergarten through eighth grade. Having access to kindergarten through eighth grade content in one subscription, teachers can easily pull activities to support student learning needs. With access to hands-on, digital, along with board and manipulative-based games activities, you have the resources to meet every student at their level and provide the appropriate amount of support or challenge your students need to be successful, confident mathematicians. ​​

Supporting Differentiation Resources ​

Language​ Development Handbook​

Build Language Skills​

Florida Reveal Math includes a Language​ Development Handbook Student Edition​ and Teacher Edition for each course to​ empower teachers to meet the diverse​ needs of learners. These handbooks provide​ instrumental resources to build vocabulary​ and notetaking skills for all learners, including English​ Language Learners. ​

Resources for​ Spanish Speakers​

  • Spanish Interactive Student Edition​ for Algebra 1 , Geometry, and Algebra 2​
  • Language Development Handbook​ for Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2​ (Teacher and Student Editions)​
  • Spanish Personal Tutors​
  • Multilingual eGlossary​
  • ALEKS Bilingual Courses in Spanish​

Florida Assessment Solutions

Florida Reveal Math effectively prepares students for​ the Florida Standards Assessments in Mathematics​ with abundant opportunities for diagnostic, formative,​ and summative assessments that address the skills​ students need to master the tests.​

FSA Practice​

FSA Practice items at the end of every​ module ensure students are confident​ and prepared to meet the requirements​ of the assessments.​ The Teacher Edition also indicates the​ specific Mathematics Florida Standard​ addressed for each practice item.​

Florida Assessment

Built on the Science of Learning ​

The development of Florida Reveal Math draws from a range of academic research into effective mathematics instruction. In addition to academic research, several other critical inputs contributed to the development of the program, including direct feedback from Florida educators.​

Florida Reveal Math is based on the research foundations of: ​

  • Productive struggle​
  • Rich tasks​​
  • Mathematical discourse​​
  • Growth mindset​​
  • Learning target-based formative assessment ​​
  • Collaborative learning ​

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