California Wonders provides a completely connected ELA/ELD program, plus Spanish, for grades K–6, built on the CA Framework and Common Core Standards and designed to reach the needs of diverse learners.

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California StudySync® is a ground breaking, comprehensive ELA and Designated ELD curriculum for grades 6-12, built on the Common Core State Standards and the California Framework. This program provides a dynamic learning experience to engage today's digitally-connected students.

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California FLEX Literacy is a powerful, flexible, data-driven intensive intervention program for grades 3 and above, built on the CA Framework and Common Core Standards.

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Authorship Team

Every member of the McGraw Hill team of literacy program authors brings unique expertise and thought leadership to the programs they help author. As diverse as the students and needs that our products serve, our team of authors can help you and your students thrive.

Vicki Gibson

Dr. Vicki Gibson

Dr. Douglas Fisher

Dr. Douglas Fisher

Tim Shanahan

Dr. Tim Shanahan

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