Grades 6–12

Grades 6–12

Sample US History and World History

Inspire a Student, Change the World

Empower students to make vital connections between the past and present with a flexible curriculum that facilitates choice, showcases multiple perspectives, and champions inquiry as a tool for understanding.

Bring history to life with an interactive and regularly updated library of resources and content. Support students on their way to becoming future-ready citizens with frequent opportunities for applied learning and civil discourse—because history is the story of us.

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Review the overview brochures to see how our new United States History and World History programs create dynamic teaching and learning experiences.

Middle School Overview Brochure

High School Overview Brochure

Sample Print

Explore a topic sampler from each component to see how our new United States History and World History programs highlight primary and secondary sources across a wide range of voices and perspectives.

Middle School

United States History: Voices and Perspectives

World History: Voices and Perspectives

High School

United States History

World History

Sample Digital

Fuel engagement with a curriculum that grows over time. Experience a platform that puts dynamic resources at your fingertips, including brand new interactive maps and videos that bring the past to life, and current event articles that empower students to experience history as it happens.

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