Grades 6–12

Grades 6–12

Free Resources

Free Resources

Sample resources found throughout our program that enhance core content and bring history to life.


Aligned to specific lessons, these clips feature compelling stories, stunning graphics, and archival footage that spark students’ curiosity and inspire class discussions.

For offline use in your classroom, download the video by clicking this button in the video play bar.

Revolution and Printing Press Middle School US History

Learn how the printing press influenced the Revolutionary War, with both patriots and loyalists using it to promote their cause.

Life in the Himalaya Middle School World History

Explore the Himalayan geography, terrain, climate, economy, and culture.

The Great Migration High School US History

Discover the effects of the Great Migration, which took place when African Americans moved to northern cities in the 20th century

Swahili Culture High School World History

See how Arab immigrants, Indian traders, and indigenous African people contributed to the establishment of Swahili culture.

Inquiry Resources

Designed to promote inquiry, this social studies worksheet and poster empower students to develop informed opinions and perspectives.