Pedagogy and Features for McGraw Hill Networks

Pedagogy for McGraw Hill Networks

Spark Inquiry and Promote Critical Thinking

The Inquiry Journals are interactive work texts that will equip students to think critically through active learning. By researching, evaluating sources, and completing evidence-based writing tasks, students learn how to reach informed conclusions and take action.

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Two sample pages of Inquiry Journals Two sample pages of Inquiry Journals Two sample pages of Inquiry Journals Two sample pages of Inquiry Journals

Engage Students in Conversations about Current Events

SyncBlasts offers a dynamic digital library of reading and writing assignments called Blasts that cover current events and social studies topics relevant to students’ lives and the world around them. New Blasts are published each school day at three Lexile®-levels. Available in English and Spanish. Contact a Sales Rep to add SyncBlasts to your Networks™ solution.

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Meaningful Support for Students and Teachers

  • Point-of-use differentiation strategies for approaching-level, beyond-level, and ELL students
  • Adjustable reading levels, audio, and closed captioning
  • Reading Essentials and Study Guide to support below-level readers
  • Comprehensive Spanish language resources, with print Spanish Student Editions for select titles
  • A QuickStart Guide for teachers.

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Point-of-use differentiation for ELL students is shown here

Teach Your Way With Flexible Pathways

Networks enables flexible pathways for teaching and learning. Planning guides offer a custom path to use the resources – print, digital, inquiry, or project-based - so you can teach your way.

  • Inquiry Path: Encourages students to engage with the essential question by analyzing primary sources, reporting findings, and taking action.
  • Teacher-Directed Path: Supports teachers by providing interactive, differentiated activities and a linear path through the content. Assessments wrap-up the lessons and chapters.
  • Project Path: Encourages students to engage with the essential question by creating a product or project, often developing the skills of collaboration and teamwork.

Features for McGraw Hill Networks

Online Teacher Center

  • Access online lesson plans and library of resources.
  • Send and receive messages from students.
  • Review recent assignments.
  • Access interactive activities, printable worksheets, and other resources that support the lesson.
  • Start a lesson presentation, made up of slides showing maps, timelines, and resources, for whole class instruction.
Screenshot of the home screen of the Online Teacher Center

Teachers can access pre-built lesson plans that are easily customizable and reference point of use differentiation strategies.

Hundreds of additional resources are available in the resource library. Teachers can upload their own resources, too.

Online Student Center

Students can plan, study, check teacher messages, get assignments, and save work. Students can also access these engaging resources:
  • Maps
  • Games
  • Timelines
  • Infographics
  • Primary Sources
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Inquiry Journal
Screenshot of the home screen of the Online Student Center

Resources are accessible right at the lesson via a carousel. Students can also change the text size for ease of reading, access audio read-aloud, and annotation tools for close reading.

Reading and writing support such as guided notes, vocabulary pop-ups, and graphic organizers, help improve understanding of the content.