Grades PreK–12

Professional Development for Direct Instruction Intervention Programs

Professional Learning Environment

Our Professional Learning Environment (PLE) is relevant, practical, and directly connected to the programs you use. With 24/7 access, our learning portal empowers you to fit what you need to know into your already busy schedule throughout your initial implementation and beyond, to extend your success with continued training.

Implementation Courses

The Professional Learning Environment provides resources for educators who are new to Direct Instruction. Options range from a high-level program overview to guidance on specific topics, such as classroom management, pacing, and error correction. E-learning modules incorporate video tutorials, informative presentations, and classroom examples.

Online Community

The Professional Learning Environment is the gateway to a thriving online community of Direct Instruction educators from across the globe. Use the discussion boards to stay connected, work collectively, and share teaching ideas and best practices. Certificates of completion ensure proof of course completion.

Embedded Support

Courses in the Direct Instruction Professional Learning Environment contain embedded resources that promote effective learning. Within learning strands, teacher progress monitoring measures advancement toward training completion.

Online Video Tutorials and informational content provide just-in-time modeling of effective teaching strategies to maximize job-embedded coaching sessions.

Ongoing Support

Direct Instruction professional development extends beyond the learning portal and initial implementation. From virtual Direct Instruction conferences to Live Hangouts and on-demand YouTube Webinars, there are all kinds of ways to refresh your curriculum knowledge.

Direct Instruction Live Hangout: Virtual Professional Learning for DI Administrators and Educators

Preparing for Successful DI Implementation: Getting Everyone On Board and Establishing a Plan