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SmartBook 2.0® User Guide

This SmartBook 2.0 User Guide will walk you through how to build and assign adaptive reading assignments and use reports.

Quick Start

Build a SmartBook 2.0 Assignment

  1. To build a new SmartBook 2.0 Assignment, click the New Assignment button.
  2. Then choose which chapter(s) you want students to study. Click Continue at the bottom of the page.
This page shows Select Content on the top left. There are four major concept boxes below. Concept box 2 has a sub-concept with a check box that is ticked. Concept box 3 has three sub-concepts. Check box 3 is ticked. There is a slider bar on the right side of the page indicating the assignment scope.

Now you can select the content in the chapter you want students to focus on.

  1. If you have specific learning objectives you want students to study, you can choose them by clicking on the concept boxes. It’s important to track which specific concepts you included for future reference. You can create multiple assignments for the same chapter if there are several concepts you want students to review.
  2. If you want students to study the chapter overall, you can use the slider bar on the right side of the page to set how much time students should work on the assignment. This is an estimate, the amount of time an assignment takes will be unique for each student.
  3. a. Please note: The slider bar estimate does not include the time spent reading, it is the estimated time students will spend answering questions related to the key concepts in the assignment.
  4. Click Continue in the lower right-hand corner.
The page shows Set Up Policies on the top left. Below it, Name, Start Date, Due Date, and Points are given. Under Name, there is a box with an entry. Under Start Date, and Due Date, two boxes are given followed by an entry. Name, Due Date, and Points rows have to be mandatorily filled. The page has cancel and assign buttons on the left and right bottom of the page.

You’re almost done! To finish you need to:

  1. Name the assignment.
  2. Set a start date (optional) and a due date.
  3. Set the point value for the assignment. We recommend assigning points to SmartBook 2.0 assignments to encourage students to complete them. Click Assign when you’re done.
This page shows four rows. Essay 1: Argument is entered in row 1. You Decide 1 is entered in row 2. Day Dreaming Essay is entered in row 3. Chapter 3 Review is entered in row 4. Row 4 is highlighted in red. Each row has the following information: an i icon, date, an eye icon, and a check box.

Your SmartBook 2.0 assignment will appear in your course assignments list on your course homepage.

Accessibility Capabilities

SmartBook 2.0 provides a more accessible student experience by including improved color contrast, descriptions for images, increased keyboard navigation, and enhanced screen reader support. Work is ongoing to improve the user experience for all users. A VPAT is available upon request.

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