Fun & Engaging Nutrition Activities for Your Students

Published February 1, 2021

By Priya Venkatesan

Start the New Year out right with these fun and engaging activities!

As students navigate healthy eating in this Covid-19 environment, it is time to address foundation concepts that will strengthen food choices. Food choices that are delicious are easier to sustain than random diets that may not always match their palates/pocketbooks/nutrition needs. Good food fundamentally is simple and does not have to be expensive or complicated.

The four topics that kickstart this food choices journey include: pH values, food labels, gut-brain axis, and fodmaps. All activities are organized with a purpose, multiple tasks, methods, and include criteria for grading.

Start the New Year off with a collective purpose of good food choices for stronger days ahead!


Hello! I am Priya Venkatesan and I cover Nutrition topics that encourage curiosity and wonder, Food trends to better connect with ourselves, Deconstructed Eating tricks that are different every month, a bit of Biochemistry magic that connects the gut to the brain, and tons of Public Health @ Pasadena City College in gorgeous LA!

I am incessantly curious about the learning process, remembering strange facts, forgetting useful information, and changing routines in the classroom. I am alert to ideas and possibilities and am always looking for a new story to share in my classroom.

People are my favorite subject and more recently, metacognitive strategies, colorful doors, and the differences between prebiotics and probiotics! Cheers! Glad you are here to listen to a new story today!