Connect for Finance

Whether accessing online homework or quizzes, getting up to speed on prerequisite material, or utilizing a media-rich eBook, Connect Finance provides a complete digital solution. Connect’s seamless partnership with course content allows instructors and students to go beyond the print world, into the digital realm with complete confidence. Connect Finance features include:

Connect for Finance Features

SmartBook 2.0

Our adaptive reading experience has been made more personal, accessible, productive, and mobile.

Integrated Excel

The power of Microsoft Excel meets the power of McGraw Hill Connect in our all-new integration of Excel in Connect. Excel now opens seamlessly inside Connect with no need for uploading or downloading any additional files or software. Instructors choose their auto-grading solution, either grading for formula accuracy or for the solution value.

Application Based Activities

These highly interactive, automatically graded exercises in Connect provide students a safe space to practice using problem-solving skills to apply their knowledge to realistic scenarios. Each scenario addresses key concepts and skills that students must use to work through and solve course specific problems, resulting in improved critical thinking and relevant workplace skills.

Kaplan CFA Questions

McGraw Hill has partnered with Kaplan Schweser to provide over a thousand additional sample CFA questions for the CFA exams. These questions represent the kinds of questions that professionals in the field believe are relevant to the "real world." Located in Connect, this bank of assignable questions is sorted by topic, level, and year of the CFA exam it was included.

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Tableau Dashboard Activities allow students to explore live Tableau dashboards directly integrated into Connect and include auto-graded questions focused on both calculations and analysis. Students can check their understanding and apply what they are learning within the framework of analytics and critical thinking.

Interactive Data Problems

Interactive Data Problems allow students to visualize and interact with data in different ways. Students use the interactive tools to manipulate data and answer accompanying problems that test multiple levels of understanding.

Assignable Video Series

Assignable, animated videos in Connect have three accompanying questions help students understand the key learning objectives. These dynamic videos are between 2-5 minutes in length are especially helpful to keep students engaged and those who would like additional review outside of the text.

Personal Financial Plans

The assignable, auto-gradable Personal Financial Plans in Connect correlate with sections of the text and help students apply concepts learned. Case/fictional data is used to protect the privacy of the students and to provide data since many students do not have enough financial history to complete the plans. The plans are also algorithmic, which means each student is assigned the same plan with a different set of numbers to reduce cheating and provide extra practice.

Prep Courses

Prep Courses in Connect cover the basic concepts in Math, Statistics, Accounting, Excel, and Economics and are comprised of animated tutorial modules with quiz questions. NEW to the list is CALCULATOR. Instructors can assign as homework or include for optional practice. Prep Courses provide a level playing field, give instructors more time in class to cover personal finance topics, and ensure that students are not left behind.

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Guided Examples

These videos provide narrated and animated, step-by-step walkthroughs of algorithmic versions of assigned problems, providing immediate feedback, and focus on the areas where students need the most guidance.

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