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Learning with ALEKS

ALEKS helps students master course topics through a continuous cycle of preparation, knowledge retention and positive feedback. Each student arrives to your math or chemistry course with a unique set of knowledge and prerequisite gaps to fill. By determining a baseline of knowledge, ALEKS creates an individualized path to success where students learn and then master topics.

Student Initial Knowledge Check results show the number of topics already mastered and in which categories.

Identify Student Preparedness

On the first day using ALEKS, students take an adaptive initial knowledge check that provides a precise picture of what they already know, what they don’t know and what they are ready to learn. This initial knowledge check gives students credit for what they already know and instructors a helpful view into their class preparedness. Appropriate course placement can also be assigned with an Initial Placement Assessment by ALEKS Placement, Prep and Learning.

Personalized Learning Path

Within the structure you have defined, ALEKS customizes a course of study for each student based on what they know and what they don’t know. After the Initial Knowledge Check, students can see their ALEKS pie, a visual presentation of their current knowledge state and progress throughout the course. Each pie slice represents a different category of topics in the course. Within each slice, the colored portion shows content that students have mastered, and the gray area shows what they will learn throughout the course to complete their pie.

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Students see their progress and access their learning path on the same screen.

Ready to Learn

Throughout the course, students are presented with topics they are ready to learn. They won’t waste time on topics they already understand or get frustrated by topics for which they aren’t ready. ALEKS ensures that students have the prerequisite knowledge to be successful as the topics continue to build. If they are not ready, ALEKS will present the appropriate prerequisite topics to prepare them. On average, students have a 94% chance of learning the topics where ALEKS knows they are ready.


Average Student Learning Rate with ALEKS

Focus on Mastery

ALEKS ensures that students are truly learning the topics you assign by requiring them to work through multiple versions of the problem and not mimicking a procedure. Some students need a lot of practice and some less. Students must demonstrate they understand a topic, ideally without using a help aid, unless they really need them.

Positive Reinforcement

As students learn topics in ALEKS, they experience real-time moments of encouragement and positive feedback. Recognition of small wins boosts student confidence and encourages them to stay in ALEKS longer as they work to fill their pie.

Knowledge Retention

Periodic knowledge checks ensure that students remember and retain the topics they learned. Each student can maximize their potential by reviewing challenge areas, reinforcing what they have learned and efficiently preparing for their exams.

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