ALEKS Insights
Intervene Before It’s Too Late

ALEKS Insights uses patented, machine learning technology to alert you when students might be at risk of falling behind so that you can take immediate action.

  1. Top Failed Topics
  2. Learning Decreased
  3. Unusual Learning
  4. Procrastination & Cramming

See ALEKS Insights in Action

Track Progress

Progress reports provide insights into how students are both learning and retaining topics as they work towards mastery. Examine learning rates, who is getting ahead and who is falling behind, so you can use class time more effectively.

Help Students Sooner

ALEKS shows you exactly what each student in your class understands from day one. With this information, you can quickly pinpoint students who might be misplaced or are in need of extra help or tutoring.

For each topic see how long students spent and how many attempts they needed.

Optimize Class Instruction

ALEKS produces reports for the entire class that give an overview of how students are performing, what the majority of the class understands, where they are stuck and why. You can use these topic-level reports to make class time more effective and modify your instruction when necessary.


Set your ALEKS goals and category weights according to your course needs. In addition to ALEKS homework, quiz and test grades, motivate your students with pie progress or time and topic goals. ALEKS seamlessly integrates with your learning management system for single sign-on and gradebook sync. You and your students will have one location for class information.

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Student Reports

Students can also obtain reports that let them keep better track of how they are doing, what topics they’ve mastered, areas to focus and when their next goal is due. These reports help hold students accountable for their learning and success in their course.

For example, the Objective Details report shows progress per topic category and information on what remains to be learned.

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Hear From Your Peers

Instructors across the country are using Reports and Insights to know which students need their attention and to help those students succeed in class.