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ALEKS Adventure
Building Blocks PreK
Sample Programs Online
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Sample Programs Online
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Sample Programs Online
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Sample Programs Online
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ALEKS Adventure
Building Blocks PreK
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Sample Programs Online
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Our Principles

PreK–Kindergarten Programs

Thank you for exploring our PreK–Kindergarten programs.

Our PreK–Kindergarten programs are designed to build a strong foundation for early learners, ages three to five. You'll find a selection of highlighted kits and components from each program below.


Grade Levels

Program Type









ELA Program Kits & Components

Wonders logo


A comprehensive set of connected resources that enables educators to adapt instruction with confidence as students grow. Our focus on teaching the whole child—and every child—prepares students to be lifelong learners and critical thinkers.

image showing covers of Wonders PreK components

Wonders Grade K system 6-year subscription
Grade K | 9780076992690

Set includes:

  • Reading/Writing Companion Consumable Student editions (22)
  • Literature Big Books (32 titles, 1 ea.)
  • Teacher's Edition Package (5 volumes, 1 ea.),
  • Decodable Readers (11 volumes, 1 ea.)
  • Leveled Readers (30 titles, 6 ea.)
  • BLM Practice Book
  • Language Transfer Handbook
  • Instructional Routine Handbook
  • Assessment books (Unit, Benchmark, and Placement and Diagnostic)
  • Large Sound-Spelling Cards
  • Interactive Read Aloud Cards
  • High Frequency Word Cards
  • Photo Cards
  • Reading Response Boards (set of 6)
  • Teaching Posters
  • Visual Vocabulary Cards
World of Wonders logo

World of Wonders

A literacy-based program that includes cross-curricular support for math, science, social studies, music, and social-emotional development. In every theme-based unit, students build familiarity with the essential pre-reading skills, background knowledge and classroom routines that will make them successful in future years.

image showing covers of World of Wonders books

World of Wonders PreK System 6-year subscription
Grade PreK | 9780076792047

Set includes:

  • Teacher's Edition set
  • My Word Book student consumable (20 copies)
  • Trade Book set, Read Aloud Anthology
  • Retelling Cards
  • Literature Big Book set
  • 6 sets of Little Readers
  • 12 sets of Pattern Books
  • Social Emotional Big Books
  • Literacy and Language Flip Chart
  • Social Emotional Flip Chart
  • Assessment Mini Flip Chart
  • Oral Language Cards
  • Alphabet Cards
  • Letter Cards
  • Photo Cards
  • Concept Cards
  • Digital flip charts for Science and Social Studies
  • Teacher Workspace, 6-year subscription
  • Student Workspace, 6-year subscription (20 seats)
SRA Phonemic Awareness logo

SRA Phonemic Awareness

A complete program for developing phonological and phonemic awareness. It establishes the early framework necessary to help PreK to Grade 1 students progress into fluent and confident readers.

Phonemic Awareness Teacher Edition cover

Phonemic Awareness Teacher Edition
Grade PreK | 9780076094424

Contains 110 15-minute lessons featuring activities that follow the developmental sequence for teaching all levels of phonological awareness.

Phonemic Awareness Picture Sounds cards cover

Phonemic Awareness Picture/Sound Cards
Grade PreK–K | 9780076094431

Set Includes:

  • Initial Phonemes: Cards 1-116
  • Initial Consonant Blends: Cards 117-168
SRA Langauge for Learning logo

Language for Learning

This oral language program teaches children the words, concepts, and statements important to oral and written language and helps them extend this knowledge to other areas of development.

SRA Read Aloud Library Vocabulary and Listening Comprehension

Language for Learning Teacher Materials Kit
Grade PreK–2 | 9780076094271

Set includes:

  • Answer Key
  • Behavioral Objectives Booklet
  • Picture Book Assessment
  • Presentation Book A
  • Presentation Book B
  • Presentation Book C
  • Presentation Book D
  • Teacher Guide
Lanuage for Learning Package

Language for Learning Español to English Teachers Materials Kit
Grade PreK–2 | 9780076094356

Set Includes:

  • Español to English Presentation Book
  • Español to English Teacher Guide


Grade Levels

Program Type





Math Program Kits & Components

McGraw Hill My Math logo

McGraw Hill My Math

McGraw Hill My Math is customizable to fit your teaching style. It challenges and engages your students as they build their skills to communicate mathematically.

My math Learning station contents

McGraw Hill My Math Learning Station
Grade K  |  9780021171590

Set includes:

  • Activities, games, and literature for independent practice and review.
  • Activities, games, and literature for small group practice and review.
  • Directions for differentiating instruction including Approaching, On-Level, and Beyond.
McGraw Hill My Math covers and ConnectEd screenshot

McGraw Hill My Math Student Bundle 1-yr subscription
Grade K | 9780079063021

Helps students build conceptual understanding, application, and procedural skill and fluency.


  • Vocabulary support
  • Homework pages
  • Digital games
  • Geometer’s Sketchpad® websketches
  • Real-world problem-solving
  • Fluency practice.
My Math ConnectEd content

McGraw Hill My Math Teacher Center 1-yr subscription
Grade K | 9780079061348

Offers easy access to all digital resources, including an online version of the Teacher Edition.


  • Problem of the Day
  • Quick Check
  • English Language Learners Guide
  • Strategic Intervention Guide
  • Diagnostic and Placement Tests
  • Assessments
Everyday Mathematics logo

Everyday Mathematics 4

Everyday Mathematics is a research-based and proven program that gives all children the opportunity to succeed.

image showing covers of Everyday Math PreK components

Everyday Mathematics
Classroom Package
Grade PreK | 9780076575084

Student Materials Set includes:

  • My First Math Book (Grade K consumable)
  • Mathematics at Home® (Grades PreK–K)
  • Home Links® (Grade K consumable)
  • Sing Everyday! Early Childhood Music CD (Grade PreK)

Teacher Resources set includes:

  • Teacher's Guide to Activities
  • Assessment Handbook
  • Resources for the PreKindergarten and Kindergarten Classroom
  • Minute Math®, Home Connection Handbook
  • Teacher's Reference Manual
  • Math Masters
  • Center Activity Cards
  • Classroom Posters
  • eSuite
Everyday Math covers

Everyday Mathematics Comprehensive Classroom Resource Package 1-yr subscription
Grade K | 9780077040307

Includes complete set of Teacher Materials in print and digital and comes with a 1-yr ConnectED Teacher Subscription. Includes:

  • Teacher Lesson Guide (Vol. 1 & 2)
  • Assessment Handbook
  • Resources for the Kindergarten Classroom
  • Minute Math
  • Math Masters
  • Activity Cards
  • Classroom Posters
  • Standards for Mathematical Practices Posters
  • My First Math Book
  • Math at Home (Books 1-3)
  • Sing Everyday CD
Everyday Mathematics Student Material covers image

Everyday Mathematics Comprehensive Student Materials Set with Home Links 1-yr subscription
Grade K | 9780076971732


  • My First Math Book
  • Math at Home (Books 1-3; print and digital)
  • 1-yr ConnectED Student Learning Center subscription
  • Home Links
image of Everyday Mathematics manipulative kit

Everyday Mathematics Classroom Games Kit
Grade K  | 9780076728176

Each kit contains a Teacher's Guide to Games and has the materials needed to play the games: card decks, dice, and gameboards for the most popular games.


Grade Levels

Program Type





Science & Social Studies Program Kits & Components

Inspire Science logo

Inspire Science

Inspire Science is built with the 5E instructional framework and provides evidence-based learning experiences.

Inspirere Science Collaboration Kit image

Inspire Science Collaboration Kit  ​
Grade K | 9780076873739

Contains the materials needed for almost all the hands-on Inquiry Activities in all four units of Inspire Science. Common classroom items (e.g., pencils, construction paper, graph paper, etc.) are not provided in the kits. Materials are organized in large plastic bins by unit and module. Sometimes large items (e.g., sand and soil) are placed in separate boxes due to their size.

Inspire Science covers and screenshot

Inspire Science Online Student Center with Print Student Edition Units 1-4 1-yr subscription
Grade K | 9780077004521

​Provides a print edition for each unit and access to the Student Digital Center.

Inspirere Science Flip Chart cover

Inspire Science Early Learners Flipchart
Grade PreK | 9780077024307

Provides students with visuals that communicate universally to all languages, introduce module and lesson concepts, and spark student dialogue.

IMPACT Social Studies logo

IMPACT Social Studies

Written to the C3 Framework, IMPACT Social Studies is grounded in inquiry and helps develop active citizens.

IMPACT Social Studies Learning and Working Together covers

IMPACT Social Studies Learning and Working Together​ Complete Print & Digital Student Bundle
1-year subscription​ Grade K |  9780076975921

Set includes:

  • Explorer Magazine
  • Print Inquiry Journal (delivered yearly)
  • Print Research Companion
  • Online Student Center
IMPACT Explorer magazine covers

IMPACT Social Studies Learning and Working Together Explorer Magazine Class Set (25) with Teaching Guide​Grade K  |  9780076978830

Provides students with engaging, grade-level content that fosters critical thinking and deeper understanding of the content standards. Can be used as a supplement during the literacy block or as a collaborative task during social studies.

IMPACT Social Studies Learning and Working together covers

IMPACT Social Studies Learning and Working Together Complete Print & Digital Student Bundle, 1-yr subscription 
Grade K | 9780076975921

Set includes:

  • Explorer Magazine
  • Print Inquiry Journal (delivered yearly)
  • Print Research Companion
  • Online Student Center
  • Available in English and Spanish.