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Pedagogy of Arrive Math™ Booster

Research- based supplemental intervention resources, provided in print-based and ​complementary digital formats, provide teachers with flexible lessons and resources for grade ​levels K–8 to provide the instruction needed to close gaps in student understanding.​

Arrive Math Booster provides teachers with a comprehensive set of lessons and activities to supplement regular core instruction, including:​

  • Activities that can be completed in whole group, small group or individually​
  • An appropriate mix of teacher-guided instruction, assignable student-driven lessons and games​
  • A balance between tactile, online and print-based learning moments​
  • Opportunities for students to make real world connections and deepen their understanding​

Multi-Modal Learning​​

According to university researchers Moreno and Duran, the most effective learning Environments are multi-modal, which combines verbal and non-verbal representations of knowledge, and use a combination of visual and auditory inputs. Multimodal supports can also take the form of gesture, physical manipulatives, virtual manipulatives, or kinesthetic activities.​

​Students experience a combination of verbal, nonverbal, visual, and kinesthetic cues throughout ​Arrive Math Booster mini-lessons. Below is a table summarizing the modalities prevalent in each section of the lesson:​