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Arrive Math Classroom Games Kit Teacher Tips​

The games are designed to engage students and reinforce math skills. Students may have varying levels of experience playing games in the classroom. These teacher tips will help game play run more smoothly. ​

Prepare Games Ahead of Time​​​

  • Prepare materials early in the year so that the games are ready when you need them. ​
  • Read and familiarize yourself with the games before your students play so that you can provide guidance or adapt instructions to your students’ needs. ​
  • Play games in advance with a small group to help you understand areas where students may need extra support. ​

Provide Guidance

Guide students on how to determine who goes first, such as:

  • Roll a number cube. The greatest number goes first. ​
  • Pick a card from the number card deck. The greatest number goes first. ​
  • Continue taking turns clockwise. ​

Hold Students Accountable​

Hold students accountable for demonstrating learning. ​

  • Have students record their calculations on paper.
  • Have students write a reflection about the game. ​
  • Have students check each other’s work when appropriate. ​

Model Game Play​

  • When introducing a new game, model the game with a small group of students while the rest of the group observes. ​
  • Write examples on the board to offer further support.​