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Arrive Math Classroom Games Kit ​

Engage Instruction with Hands-On Games​

A key component to nurturing a lifelong love of math is helping students apply the concepts they are learning in the classroom to real-world situations. The Arrive Math Classroom Games Kit offers engaging, out-of-the-box games that align with kindergarten through eighth-grade content standards. These board games provide hands-on, collaborative game play, ongoing fluency practice, and opportunities for mathematical discourse.​


The Arrive Math Games Kit contains two sets of all the physical materials and instructions needed to play 54 games from kindergarten to eighth grade, Including:​

  • Instruction Cards​
  • Playing Cards​
  • Resource Guide​
  • Game Boards​
  • Manipulatives​

See the complete list of game components in the Arrive Math Classroom Games Kit, including how each game aligns to a specific level, strand, and math focus. ​

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