Lifelong Literacy Begins with a Strong Foundation

Open Court Reading gives your students the tools they need to read and succeed both inside and outside the classroom. Strong foundational skills—combined with comprehension, writing, and inquiry—ensure that students are well prepared for a lifetime of literacy and learning.

Overview of Comprehensive Curriculum and Stand Alone Skills Kits​

Getting from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Included in the Open Court Reading core curriculum, Foundational Skills Kits equip all students with a strong foundation for lifelong literacy. The kits are also available as stand-alone. If your current program doesn't meet your need to build foundational skills, use the stand-alone kits to get the same great content and resources found in the foundational skills strand of Open Court Reading:​

Foundational Skills Kits equip all students with a strong foundation for lifelong reading, helping students understand how individual sounds work together to create spoken language. These tools strengthen phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency skills—allowing learners to master more sophisticated skills.

Word Analysis Kits take students from foundational skills to the application of these skills as they encounter new vocabulary, more complex texts, and more sophisticated writing. When students encounter new words, they have the tools to break down them into smaller units and make meaning from them.

The English Language Development Kit helps English Learners acquire vital vocabulary and language skills. Students can participate meaningfully in the classroom and everyday life with differentiated instruction at four levels of proficiency: Beginning, Early Intermediate, Intermediate, and Early Advanced.

Overview Chart

If you are using a different core program, the Foundational Skills Kits and Word Analysis Kits are available standalone. The EL Development Kit also allows for more targeted instruction for newcomers.

"The program provides structure and opportunities for all students, ​even those with special needs."


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