Getting Started

Walkthrough Videos

Lesson Walkthrough Video​

See how to implement the interactive digital resources as you go through the various stages of the program’s rigor-based three-part lesson model: Launch; Explore and Develop; and Reflect and Practice. ​

Assessment Walkthrough Video​

This video will guide you through all of the assessments available at the Course, Module, and Lesson level in Reveal Math. Learn how to navigate, preview, and edit assessments in the Teacher Digital Center.​

Reveal Math 6 - 12 Differentiation Resources​ Video

This video covers the differentiation resources available through the print and digital components of Reveal Math for grades 6 - 12.

Reporting Dashboard Walkthrough Video

This video walks through the features and capabilities of the Reporting Dashboard found in the Teacher Digital Center of Reveal Math.

Digital Assignments Walkthrough

Learn which resources should be assigned, where they can be assigned from, and where to customize them in Reveal Math 6–12.​


This video gives an overview of the numerous print and digital practice opportunities for students in Reveal Math 6–12 courses.

Learn about the importance of constructive discussion and interaction in the math classroom.

Read the blog post "Rich Classroom Discourse: Benefits for Student Learning". It includes a guide for teachers written by Dr. Cathy Seeley, a former mathematics teacher, State Director of Mathematics for Texas, and advisor for Reveal Math.