Grades 3–12

Success Using ALEKS

Success Using ALEKS

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The Wall Street Journal podcast "The Future of Everything" covers how science and technology revolutionize the way people live, work, and play. Listen to the episode "Teacher's New Assistant: Artificial Intelligence" to learn how artificial intelligence is being used in schools, even more so during the pandemic. ALEKS is featured as an example of this technology that's being used by millions of students across the country.

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"I use ALEKS daily for assignments, and I also reward the students for their progress pie. Since I was already using ALEKS before the pandemic, the students already knew how to use it successfully. I feel that ALEKS is very beneficial during the pandemic because of the examples, explanations, and unlimited attempts that I can offer students in the ALEKS program…I just know that I’m so glad that my school chose to use ALEKS this year. I teach all math for students in grades 7–12. I have no idea what I would have done with online learning if I hadn't had ALEKS."

Carolyn K., Teacher, TX

"I'm a huge fan of ALEKS math. I've taught for 33 years, and this is the first program I’ve used that allows struggling students to work at their own grade level and high achievers to push way past grade level. I was so looking forward to MAP testing in May to see if their ALEKS work translated into success in demonstrating that learning on MAP. I continue to be impressed, and parents tell me that their children never complain about the 30 minutes of daily math I’ve required during this time. The students who are complying with these minutes should have no trouble transitioning to fifth grade."

Elaine M., Teacher, SC

"Since we're no longer meeting face-to-face, we asked that students spend at least 3 hours working in ALEKS between Monday and Friday each week. We changed our Monday quizzes (typically paper & pencil) to ALEKS quizzes, but students were comfortable with that as we had a couple of ALEKS quizzes before the transition. We have them upload their work to Canvas after. This was by far my easiest class to transition to virtual learning. I just added some online lectures and incorporated the use of Respondus for testing."

Holly D., Teacher, IN

"I have chosen several topics each week to explain during Zoom sessions instead of having students just work on whatever ALEKS chooses for their path. Then, I post the examples to Google Classroom."

Paulette S., Teacher, IN

"I am using it for my testing—and I LOVE IT!"

Keelin H., Teacher, FL

"ALEKS is an excellent program. I find it to be complete, thorough, simple to use, and very time saving."

Garlan F., Teacher, OK