Pedagogy of our K–12 Science Curriculum

The 5E Model and More Within Inspire Science

Lessons based on the 5E Instructional Model

The phenomena-driven 5E lessons of Inspire Science are designed to provoke student thinking and spark their creative problem-solving ideas. Each Middle School book includes 4 units and High School is all inclusive. Each unit includes 1–4 modules, and each module includes 2–5 lessons.


Set the purpose for learning with a scientific phenomenon and essential question to investigate throughout the lesson. Help students set goals for the skills they will develop with the “I will” statement.


Use interactive content to help students understand the concepts more deeply, so they can answer the Essential Question.


Connect literacy and science through inquiry by providing students with an array of print and interactive resources to conduct research and explain their understanding. Students develop research skills while deepening their understanding of core science topics. They learn to connect this learning back to prior experiences and the essential question.


Help students reflect and refine their thinking by revisiting past answers to see how their thinking has changed and explore new options for further refinement of their thinking through investigations, modeling, research and communication with arguments from evidence.


Guide students to demonstrate their understanding by answering the essential question and phenomenon questions and completing a final performance task, eAssessment questions, and an “I Did” statement.