Grades PreK–5

Inspire Science PreK–5 Integrated:
An Elementary Science Curriculum

Inspire Science for grades PreK–5 is designed to spark your elementary students’ interest and empower them to ask more questions, think more critically, and generate innovative ideas. With the proven 5E instructional framework, Inspire Science provides an in-depth, collaborative, evidence based, and a project-based learning experience to place elementary science students on the path to career and college readiness.

Components for Inspire Science PreK–5 Integrated

PreK Components

Transitional Kindergarten

Inspire Science: Early Learners builds on student’s prior experiences and encourages them to pursue their own questions and develop their own ideas. Students reflect on, represent, and document their experiences through notebooking and active sharing. Teachers can embed the science curriculum in students’ daily work and play. It’s made up of eight modules that include Earth & Space Science, Life Science, and Physical Science.

Table of Contents

Grades K–5 Components

Grades K–5 are built on the 5E instructional framework and integrates life, earth, and physical science. The consumable student edition is organized into four units with one to two modules per unit. Modules contain two to four lessons designed to inspire curiosity, investigation, and innovation.