Inspire Science connects the science you teach to the core subjects your students study. By integrating science, literature, and math, students master key concepts that impact science and beyond.

Literacy Integration

Integrating literacy with your science instruction will help your students build literacy skills while they're learning science. Our leveled, non-fiction reading content allows your students' close reading skills to improve with text dependent questions, arguments, narratives and explanations practiced in the context of science that's fun! And the Inspire Science paired readings (in each leveled reader and the Science Paired Read Alouds) help students make connections between the concepts the learning in class.

On top of building reading skills, Inspire Science strengthens students' writing skills with on-going journaling and science writing activities.

Math Integration

Science and math are closely related in the real world. And that's why we integrated math into Inspire Science. It gives students the opportunity to engage with science like real scientists,giving them the chance to practice data collection, graphing, making predictions, and other math practices and principles while learning science!

Cross-Curricular Connections

Inspire Science seamlessly integrates new approaches including science and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas, and crosscutting concepts with the literacy and mathematics practices you already know. So teaching science feels as natural and intuitive as it should be.

Science + Engineering Practices

Students achieve and demonstrate greater understanding through hands-on science and engineering activities using the engineering design process.

Literacy Practices

Students hone close reading, writing, and communication skills while learning about exciting science ideas and developing presenting solutions to real-world challenges.

Math Practices

Students solve science and engineering challenges using math skills including: analyzing data and creating graphs.

Curriculum Venn Diagram