Grade Levels: K-2

The Foundations program offers crucial intervention for delayed readers and provides teachers with the latest assessment and instructional techniques for use along with exciting and challenging books. It offers everything you need to build a strong foundation for early literacy.

Foundations' 237 student books integrate the best research-based knowledge to help students develop independent reading strategies. Exciting fiction and nonfiction books motivate children to master increasingly difficult reading skills as they work through eleven carefully sequenced levels.

About the Program


  • Meets Reading First criteria
  • Engaging, sequentially appropriate titles incorporate opportunities to teach skills and strategies
  • Includes comprehensive resources for early reading intervention


Complete Sets

The complete sets feature 237 titles spanning 11 Early Emergent and Upper Emergent levels, available in the following configurations:

  1. 6 each of 237 student books, 2 Records of Reading Behavior books, and 2 teacher guides in 5 classroom display boxes
  2. 1 each of 237 student books in 1 classroom display box

Early Emergent books feature:

  • Well-spaced large print
  • Consistent text placement
  • Direct match of text and illustrations
  • Story line found in text as well as illustrations
  • Repetition of phrases, patterns, and high-frequency words
  • Some variations in sentence structure
  • Stories have a simple beginning, middle, and ending
  • Surprise endings or twists

Upper Emergent books feature:

  • Variety of font and text placement
  • Table of contents, glossary, index, captions with phrases and/or sentences in nonfiction
  • Illustrations are detailed and provide moderate to minimal support
  • Detailed illustrations depict characters, setting, and events
  • Frequent use of known and unknown high-frequency words
  • Variety in syntax and word tenses
  • Some complex structures with compound sentences
  • Moderately complex story structures with problem/solution emphasized
  • Characters and events increasingly developed

Foundations Teacher Guides

Foundations teacher guides are specifically designed to work with each fiction and nonfiction text by offering crucial intervention for students who have problems learning to read. Each guide provides practical teacher support through:

  • Complete lesson plans — one for each title
  • Step-by-step instruction for teaching important language skills
  • An early intervention instructional model

Records of Reading Behavior blackline masters

Foundations Records of Reading Behavior blackline masters support your assessment of early reading skills. When completed, each Record of Reading Behavior presents a comprehensive assessment of reading ability. This tool helps teachers move students to successful reading independence. To support assessment, this resource:

  • Contains text from all 237 student books
  • Assists the teacher in student assessment and placement
  • Helps teachers make informed judgments about the appropriate reading level for each child

Guided Reading Kits

Each complete guided reading kit contains:

  • 6 each of 16 student books
  • 6-panel lesson plan on cardstock for each title
  • 8 Take-Me-Homes™ blackline masters
  • A Teacher’s Guide to Guided Reading resource book

Guided reading kits are available in the following configurations:

  1. Complete guided reading kit (components listed above)
  2. Leveled library (one copy each of 16 student books from the guided reading kit)
  3. Lesson plan set (one copy each of 16 lesson plans from the guided reading kit)



Program Components

  • Foundations, At The Pool
    Foundations, At The Pool
  • Foundations, Going Out
    Foundations, Going Out
  • Foundations, The In-Line Skates
    Foundations, The In-Line Skates
  • Foundations, The Lost Glove
    Foundations, The Lost Glove
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