Spelling Through Morphographs

Grade Levels: 4-12

This program gives older students the tools to become successful spellers and transfer their spelling knowledge to vocabulary!

Spelling Through Morphographs


  • Introduces a spelling strategy and reliable rules that students can use to spell over 12,000 words
  • Boosts vocabulary skills by teaching the meanings of common morphemes
  • Improves students’ ability to decode multisyllabic words with instruction that focuses on word structure
  • Reinforces the connection between spelling and composition with expanded writing and proofreading activities


  • Spelling Through Morphographs teaches prefixes, suffixes, and word bases and a small set of rules for combining them to enable students to correctly spell thousands of words.
  • Intensive, teacher-directed lessons introduce new morphemes, rules, and principles.
  • Each lesson takes a small step toward proficiency, building on and repeating essential principles of spelling to foster longterm retention.