The Stage and the School

Grade Levels: 9-12

Glencoe's classic The Stage and the School provides students and teachers with the tools needed to build key theater arts skills. Students receive instruction in classic training exercises, production techniques, and theater conventions. Skills are developed through lessons that help students draw on their personal experiences and build historical and cultural background knowledge; hands-on exercises that provide students with authentic practical experience in casting, directing, and presenting plays; frequent application activities with options to meet any student ability and interest level; and a flexible five-part organization that allows for customization to fit the unique needs of each class.

About the Program


Part One: Interpreting the Drama

  • Chapter One - Improvisation
  • Chapter Two - Pantomime and Mime
  • Chapter Three - Voice and Diction
  • Chapter Four - Acting
  • Feature: Theater Etiquette

Part Two: A Treasury of Scenes and Monologues

  • Scenes for One Man and One Woman
  • Scenes for Two Women
  • Scenes for Two Men
  • Scenes for Mixed Groups
  • Monologues for Women
  • Monologues for Men
  • Feature: Readers Theater

Part Three: Appreciating the Drama

  • Chapter Five - The Structure of Drama
  • Chapter Six - Varieties of Drama
  • Chapter Seven - History of Drama
  • Feature: Puppet Theater

Part Four: Producing the Drama

  • Chapter Eight - Producing the Play
  • Chapter Nine - Producing the Musical Play
  • Chapter Ten - Stage Settings
  • Chapter Eleven - Lighting and Sound
  • Chapter Twelve - Costuming
  • Chapter Thirteen - Makeup
  • Feature: How to Judge a Play

Part Five: Adapting and Interpreting the Drama

  • Chapter Fourteen - Theater and Other Media
  • Chapter Fifteen - Theater and Other Art Forms
  • Feature: Media and Culture

Reference Section

How to Write a Dramatic Script


Program Components

  • The Stage and the School, Interactive Student Edition CD-ROM
    The Stage and the School, Interactive Student Edition CD-ROM
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