Sociology and You © 2014

Grade Levels: 9-12

Sociology & You is written exclusively for high school to introduce students to the discipline of sociology and the sociological study of society. Trusted authorship communicates the theory and application of sociology principles in understandable, age-appropriate language. Sociology and You is built around the educational philosophy of Understanding by Design and Essential Questions.

Sociology and You © 2014

Student features include:

  • Print Student Edition and online Student learning center create a dynamic and interactive learning experience
  • Up to date information and statistics connect concepts and theories to real world situations
  • Quick Case Studies and Hands-on Chapter Projects develop critical thinking skills and engage students in the learning process

Teacher features include:

  • The Teacher Edition provides a clear pathway through the content using print, digital, or your own combination
  • Designed with you in mind, the Teacher Lesson Center puts all of your teaching resources in one convenient, easy to use location

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2014 SIIA CODiE Finalist