Health Care Science Technology © 2013

Grade Levels: 9-12

Healthcare Science Technology is more than just a textbook - it is a completely integrated print and online learning system that leverages the best of both worlds to deliver a superior learning experience. Healthcare Science Technology gives students a solid introduction to the medical, science, and math skills that are used in the allied health professions, and allows them to explore the many career opportunities in healthcare. The textbook provides all of the basic course content. This content is brought to life through interactive activities, videos, study aids and communication tools in McGraw-Hill Connect™.

Health Care Science Technology © 2013

What is Connect and how will it help me?

McGraw-Hill Connect™ is an online Learning Management System that harnesses the power of technology to enable more effective teaching and learning. It is an easy, effective, and reliable way for students to connect to the textbook and to homework, for teachers to manage assignments and track student progress, and for students and teachers to connect to each other. Connect tracks student progress easily and automatically with reports sorted by student, class, or topic, and makes it easy for teachers to provide individualized instruction with customized assignments based on learning goals.

Why Healthcare Science Technology?

  • Rigor - Aligned with STEM Education, National Science Standards and it supports Common Core Standards in Math and English.
  • Real World - Over 200 animated procedures show students a wide range of healthcare activities, from measuring and recording vital signs to performing lab tests.
  • Critical 21st Century Workforce Skills - Each chapter provides activities built around 21st Century Skills, such as teamwork, problem solving, information literacy, and communication skills.
  • Ethics -Students explore medical ethics, patient confidentiality, and other critical subjects through the Ethics in Action feature. Chapter 12 gives a more in-depth introduction to legal and ethical responsibilities.
  • McGraw-Hill Connect™ - Our learning management system gives you more time to do what you do best - teach!