Chemistry: Concepts and Applications © 2009

Grade Levels: 9-12

Chemistry: Concepts and Applications is a conceptual presentation of chemistry. Mathematical computations are only introduced where it is necessary to understand and apply knowledge of chemistry. The program is designed to be universally accessible to learners enrolled in a first year high school chemistry curriculum.

Chemistry: Concepts and Applications © 2009

Benefits Designed for Your Classroom:

  • Strong visual literacy and reading support for comprehension that allows chemistry to be accessible to students.
  • Real-world applications that reveal the impact of chemistry on students’ lives.
  • Engaging inquiry skills that allow students to really think like scientists.
  • Differentiated instructional strategies that address diverse learners.
  • Integrated technology that saves time and increases teacher productivity.

Reading Support:

  • Real-World Reading Link draws students’ attention into each section with applications to their world.
  • Dinah Zike’s Foldables®. Foldables provide students with a unique way to organize key information for study and review.
  • Concepts in Motion animations visually illustrate chemistry concepts or processes on the Glencoe Web site.

Inquiry Skills:

  • Launch Labs, MiniLabs, and ChemLabs develop a progression of knowledge and skills needed to be successful with the ChemLab. The program lab strand fosters a strong inquiry-approach to learning that allows students to think and conduct experiments like scientists.
  • Try-at-Home Labs are unique opportunities for students to reinforce learning.