Managing Behavior to Support Differentiated Instruction

Grade Levels: K-8

Implementing differentiated instruction requires managing multiple activities happening simultaneously in the classroom: the teacher instructs a small group as other students work collaboratively in study groups or independently. Managing the classroom and student behaviors while providing explicit instruction to a small group can be challenging.

Managing Behavior to Support Differentiated Instruction

Teachers must teach students how to manage the freedom of collaborative learning, communicating respectfully, and cooperating with peers. This online workshop presents a proactive communication system called Two Choice Discipline (TCD) that clearly identifies acceptable responses, choices, and preset consequences. TCD helps adults and students communicate respectfully and apply reasonable decision-making and self-regulation.

Content for this online workshop is based on materials authored by Vicki Gibson, Ph.D., Managing Behavior to Support Differentiating Instruction (2010) and Parenting Responsible Children (2010), available at


  • Practice and develop active listening.
  • Learn to select appropriate choices and consequences to be taught and used as safe boundaries for participation and decision-making.
  • Develop ways to teach responsible, accountable decision-making and develop self-regulation.
  • Establish ways to clearly identify performance expectations for students when a teacher is working with another small group.

RttT/SIG Assurances covered:

  • Great Teachers and Leaders
  • Turning Around the Lowest Performing Schools

Audience: Administrators, Support Staff, Teachers, Paraprofessionals

Number of Participants: 1

Delivery Method: Online

Time: 4-6 hours