World of Wonders, Social-Emotional Bundle - English PreK 9780076847259
Support social-emotional learning in your classrooms with resources that develop communication and understanding, and foster thoughtful conversations about feelings, friends, family, and more. 

Each set of eight colorful 13” x 15” big books is perfect for read-alouds, with three stories per book that focus on relatable topics for learners ages 3-6. The full-color 16” x 20” spiral-bound flipchart provides engaging visuals and ideas for purposeful play.

Includes: 1 set of 8 Big Books and 1 Flip Chart

Read more about social-emotional learning on our blog. 

World of Wonders, Social-Emotional Bundle - English

World of Wonders, Social-Emotional Bundle - English

National EDITION
Grade Levels: PreK
MHID: 007684725X |  ISBN 13: 9780076847259
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