The Wild Side: Angry Animals 6 - 12 9780809295166
The Wild Side: Angry Animals

The Wild Side: Angry Animals

Grade Levels: 6 - 12
By McGraw-Hill
Copyright: 2001
Publication Date: February 12, 2001
MHID: 0809295164
ISBN 13: 9780809295166

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Key Features

New Critical Thinking Exercises. Help students focus on the author's approach and purpose, recognize and generate summaries and paraphrases, and identify relationships between ideas.

Reading comprehension exercises. Help students recall what they've read, check understanding of the stated and implied main ideas, and add words to their working vocabulary.

Personal Response and Self-Assessment. Relates the articles to the students' personal experiences and helps evaluate their understanding of the information.

Three progressive reading levels per book. Students build reading skills as stories increase in difficulty.

Self-scoring graphs in each book. Track progress in reading speed, reading comprehension, and critical thinking.

The Wild Side: Angry Animals

The Wild Side

Angry Animals

Sample Lesson: The Menace of Pit Bulls

Unit 1

1. A Whale of a Tale

2. Grizzly Tales

3. Attack of the Red Fire Ants

4. Snakes, Snakes Everywhere

5. Rhino vs. Humans

Unit 2

6. Danger – Rabid Animals!

7. Night Killers

8. The Man-Eating Komodo Dragon

9. Elephant on the Rampage

10. Tigers: Humans on the Menu

Unit 3

11. Crocodiles: The Jaws of Death

12. Killer Bees

13. Cougars on the Prowl

14. Scorpions: Killers in the Desert

15. The Mystery of the Giant Squid

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