Introduction To Business, Student Edition 9 - 12 9780078747687
Introduction To Business, Student Edition

Introduction To Business, Student Edition

National EDITION
Grade Levels: 9 - 12
MHID: 0078747686 |  ISBN 13: 9780078747687

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New Features

Integrated Academic Skills help teachers reinforce student learning to help meet NCLB guidelines and provide rigor.

Research-based Reading Strategies help students improve reading skills and comprehend key concepts and information.

Partnerships with Standard and Poor's and BusinessWeek provide real-world activities that bring relevance to learning.

Current topics such as globalization, ethics, technology, and cultural diversity are covered.

Introduction To Business, Student Edition

Glencoe Introduction to Business © 2008

Unit 1 - The Economy and You

Chapter 1: Basic Economic Concepts

Chapter 2: Economic Resources and Systems

Chapter 3: Economic Activities in a Changing World

Chapter 4: Business Ethics and Social Responsibilities

Unit 2 - Owning and Operating a Business

Chapter 5: Entrepreneurship and Small Business

Chapter 6: Business Ownership and Operations

Chapter 7: Business Management

Chapter 8: Leadership in Management

Chapter 9: The Impact of Technology in Education

Unit 3 - Influences on Business

Chapter 10: Business in a Global Economy

Chapter 11: The Role of Government in Business

Chapter 12: Money and Financial Institutions

Unit 4 - Marketing

Chapter 13: Marketing in Today’s World

Chapter 14: Advertising: The Art of Attracting an Audience

Unit 5 - Human Resources

Chapter 15: Human Resources Management

Chapter 16: Culture and Diversity in Business

Unit 6 - Financial and Technological Resources

Chapter 17: Managing Business Finances

Chapter 18: Technology in the Workplace

Chapter 19: Basic Computers

Unit 7 - Career Planning in a Global Economy

Chapter 20: Developing a Career Plan

Chapter 21: Getting a Job

Unit 8 - Buying Goods and Services

Chapter 22: Making Consumer Decisions

Chatper 23: Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

Chapter 24: Protecting Consumers

Unit 9 - Credit

Chapter 25: The Basics of Credit

Chapter 26: How to Get and Keep Credit

Chapter 27: Credit and the Law

Unit 10 - Money Management

Chapter 28: Managing Personal Finances

Chapter 29: Checking Accounts

Chapter 30: Savings Accounts

Chapter 31: Investing in Bonds and Stocks

Chapter 32: Real Estate and Other Investment Options

Unit 11 - Risk Management

Chapter 33: The Basics of Risk Management

Chapter 34: Vehicle and Property Insurance

Chapter 35: Life and Health Insurance