Career Companion: Information Technology 12 - 13 9780076610747

McGraw-Hill Workforce's Career Companion series provides up to date career information and contextualized skill practice to help learners explore and prepare for careers. Information Technology introduces readers to this career cluster by exploring career pathways and jobs within the field, education and training requirements, work environments, and current industry trends. Preparation for career readiness and success in information technology careers is provided through applied workplace skills practice using real-world scenarios set in the IT industry.


  • Brief descriptions of current high-growth jobs, with projections of changes in the industry over time
  • Industry-specific education and training resources to prepare for careers
  • Tips and techniques for finding employment within the industry
  • Identification of the key academic skills needed to be successful within the industry
  • Opportunities to practice and apply key career readiness skills in reading, mathematics, and locating information, contextualized to industry-specific careers
  • Career Companion: Information Technology

    Career Companion: Information Technology

    National EDITION
    Grade Levels: 12 - 13
    MHID: 0076610748 |  ISBN 13: 9780076610747

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