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AP advantage is a powerful suite of online teaching and learning resources paired with your text that deliver personalized, adaptive support where and when students need it. Beginning before class starts with ONboard, students build the prerequisite skills and knowledge to prepare for the rigors of the course. The AP Core materials provide comprehensive, fully aligned instruction, practice, and assessments. SCOREboard delivers targeted test prep to boost proficiency and confidence for success on the AP Exam. All of your resources, all in one place with the AP advantage.​


AP Course Prep

  • Self-paced, diagnostic, interactive AP course prep
  • Builds prerequisite skills and knowledge before the first day of class
  • Great for summer assignments
AP Core

AP Core Resources

  • Robust online teaching and learning platform that extends class instruction
  • Interactive, engaging pedagogy tied to the text
  • Powerful reporting tools and customizable content

AP Test Prep

  • Personalized, adaptive AP content review
  • Four complete, auto-graded AP practice exams
  • Builds mastery and confidence for AP Exam success

Comprehensive programs. 100% course alignment.
AP customized resources for teachers and students.

When you fuse rigorous college-level content with accessible, inspiring instructional support, immersive activities, and authors who are renowned in their field, you give AP students the tools they need to reach their highest potential in their AP course, and beyond.

Chang, Chemistry, Thirteenth Edition ©2019

A Traditional Favorite for AP Chemistry​

The straightforward, clear writing style and proven problem-solving strategies make Chang’s Chemistry a favorite of teachers and students. Chapter-opening Essential Questions guide students in pinpointing essential AP content, including the Big Ideas they will study in the chapter. Chemistry is 100% aligned to the AP framework and includes: ​

  • The NEW AP Focus Review Guide workbook, which helps students review and apply the essential AP content covered in each chapter. ​
  • An AP Teacher's Manual that provides teaching strategies, suggested activities, and labs. ​
  • The AP advantage with ONboard, SmartBook, a downloadable eBook, SCOREboard plus. AP Chemistry Chapter Banks that review chapter content using AP-style question. All questions are correlated to the AP Chemistry Curriculum Framework. ​

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