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McGraw-Hill Education is proud to partner with Indiana educators, administrators and families to provide the highest quality of support to you in preparing Indiana students for success.

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Career and Technology Education (CTE)

Learn how our CTE programs promote college and career readiness and prepare students to succeed in school, life and their future careers.


Music Studio offers ground-breaking, digital-first programs, that delivers interactivity and unforgettable content.

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Sound research and instructional best practices drive our proven intervention solutions to help educators deliver powerful, strategic, individualized instruction.

Redbird Mathematics

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Personalized instruction, gamification, and digital project-based learning. Based on research at Stanford University.

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Redbird Language Arts & Writing

Let Learning Take Flight

Developed by Stanford University and built upon over 25 years of research, Redbird Language Arts & Writing is an adaptive solution to personalize instruction, accelerate learning, and empower every student to soar.

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Individualized math instruction targeting topics a student is most ready to learn, creating a personal path to success.

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Number Worlds

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Number Worlds flexible modular design allows for targeted and intense math remediation instruction. This programs accelerates math success for struggling students with a proven, comprehensive program.

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Reading Mastery

DI programs

Proven to turn all students into confident learners including at-risk, ESL, special education, and at-level students.

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FLEX Literacy

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SRA FLEX Literacy® delivers personalized reading instruction for students in grades 3 and above by creating a student-specific learning path.

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