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Connect Assignments and Exams

Connect has a wide range of tools you can use to create assignments and exams that will help your students learn and practice course concepts, and assess their knowledge. Choose a category below to access our Assignments and Exams resource library.

From Managing Assignment Policies to Setting Up Proctored Exams, We’ve Got Everything You Need to Know.

Below are videos and guides for the most common Connect instructor support topics about assignments and exams.
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Building Assignments (Policy Settings)

Learn how to create policy settings including due dates, late submissions, and assignment categories.

Get Instructions on Building Your Assignments with Policy Settings (PDF)

Managing Due Dates

Learn how to manage assignment due dates within Connect.

Managing Extensions

Learn how to manage assignment due date extensions.

Proctorio Settings Checklist

Use this checklist to determine which options to use in your proctored assignments.

Get Proctorio Settings Checklist (PDF)

Proctorio Syllabus Description

Easily copy and paste details into your syllabus about Proctorio assignments, system requirements, and more.

Get Proctoring Syllabus Language (DOC)

Which SmartBook Version Do I Have?

Not sure what version of SmartBook you have? This quick guide will show you how to find out.

Get Guide to Determine Your SmartBook Version (PDF)

SmartBook 2.0 Overview

Learn about SmartBook 2.0 and how it tracks student progress and activity.

Assigning SmartBook 2.0

Discover how to create assignments using SmartBook 2.0.

Watch Video on Assigning SmartBook 2.0 (4:25)

SmartBook 1.0 Overview

Learn how to use SmartBook 1.0 and discover how it can tailor adaptive learning content to your individual course needs.

SmartBook 1.0 Read Phase

Learn more about the Read Phase in SmartBook 1.0 and how to use it with your course text.

SmartBook 1.0 Practice Phase

Learn more about the Practice Phase in SmartBook 1.0 and how it helps reinforce what your students have learned.

SmartBook 1.0 Recharge Phase

Watch this video to learn how the Recharge Phase in SmartBook 1.0 helps students retain what they've learned.

Building Assignments (Question Banks)

Learn how to build your assignments in Connect using the question bank.

Get Instructions on Building Your Assignments with Question Banks (PDF)

SmartBook 2.0 User Guide

Learn how to build and assign SmartBook 2.0 adaptive reading assignments and use SmartBook 2.0 reports.

Get the SmartBook 2.0 User Guide (PDF)

eBook User Guide

Learn how to assign the eBook, create a study guide, and download the Read Anywhere app.

Get the eBook User Guide (PDF)

Application-Based Activities User Guide

Learn how to create and grade Application-Based Activities (ABA) within your Connect course.

Get the ABA User Guide (PDF)

Adaptive Learning Assignments (ALA) User Guide

Learn how to build an ALA, use ALA reports, and create a review assignment within your Connect course.

Get the ALA User Guide (PDF)

Test Builder Guide

Learn how to use Test Builder to build a customized exam.

Get Test Builder User Guide (PDF)

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