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Direct (Deep) Linking for ALEKS Assignments with Moodle

Step by step instructions to add direct link for ALEKS assignments in Moodle. This allows students to access each specific ALEKS assignment directly from the LMS.

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What is Direct Linking?

Direct (deep) linking allows instructors to create direct links for ALEKS assignments so students can access each specific ALEKS assignment directly from the LMS.

  • Direct links are available to all instructors with classes at institutions using LTI Advantage (1.3) integration. Not sure if you are using LTI Advantage (1.3) integration? Contact your ALEKS Implementation Manager.
  • Instructors can add direct links for all ALEKS Homework, Test, Quiz, Virtual Labs (Chemistry), Video assignments, Scheduled Knowledge Checks, and ALEKS Modules.
  • Direct links are not available for ALEKS Initial Knowledge Check, Topic Goals, Time Goals, Pie Progress Goals, Post Module Knowledge Checks, and Automatic Knowledge Checks.

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