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Course Readiness Tools

Use the ALEKS Course Readiness Checklist to ensure your students are set up for success in ALEKS. You'll learn how to register your students, whether you are using ALEKS with your LMS or independently. Lastly, we'll teach you how to access additional resources.

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Course Readiness Tools


  1. ALEKS login
  2. Class Creation
  3. Build your Objectives
  4. Build your Homework, Tests, and Quizzes
  5. Manage Assignments
  6. Manage time expectations.
  7. Gradebook Setup.
  8. Prepare Syllabus
  9. Work as a student.
  10. Establish Goals for using ALEKS.
  11. Plan time to monitor reports
  12. Generate Financial Aid Code
  13. Read through First Week and Week 2 and Beyond Checklists.

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