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Build Your Course:

Step-by-step training for transitioning your course to ALEKS

How to use this page: We recommend having ALEKS open and following along with each training. This self-paced course is expected to take you 2 hours to complete.

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ALEKS Fundamentals

An Introduction to ALEKSGet oriented with the instructor side of ALEKS. Learn basic navigation and how to copy a “follow along” training course into your account.

ALEKS Customer SupportLearn how to access both instructor and student support in ALEKS and some of the things the ALEKS Support team can help with.

Introducing the Prerequisite Review ModuleLearn about the built-in diagnostic and remediation tool that comes standard in every ALEKS course!

Introducing Non-Adaptive Homework AssignmentsLearn about textbook-based static homework assignments in ALEKS – you can now do it all in one platform!


Customizing Your Course

Editing the Prerequisite Review ModuleLearn how to customize the built-in remediation section of ALEKS to fit your course-specific needs.

Creating and Editing a Non-Adaptive Homework AssignmentLearn how to create and edit a textbook-based static homework assignment.

Changing Due DatesLearn how to edit due dates for both individual assignments and bulk edit all the due dates for all your assignments.

Setting up the GradebookLearn how to set up your ALEKS Gradebook.


Preparing to Launch Your Course

Generating a Financial Aid Access CodeLearn how to provide a Financial Aid Access Code to students experiencing delays with their financial assistance.

Understanding the Student ExperienceLearn how to simulate the full ALEKS student experience to really understand what your students will be seeing.

Communicating Time ExpectationsLearn how to keep students motivated and on schedule in ALEKS.


Pairing Your LMS


You Launched Your Course - Now What?

Initial Knowledge Check Report Learn how to use the ALEKS Pie Report to see class level and individual student progress.

Non-Adaptive Assignment ReportingLearn how to use the non-adaptive assignment reporting features to monitor student progress on static homework and quiz/test assignments.

Managing Extensions and ExceptionsEasily manage assignment exceptions and extensions in ALEKS.

Adding Instructor ResourcesLearn how to view or add resources for your course in ALEKS.

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