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Respondus Monitor FAQ

Explore frequently asked questions regarding Respondus Monitor in ALEKS for remote proctoring.

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Respondus Monitor FAQ


  1. What does the Respondus integration for ALEKS include?
  2. What is Respondus Monitor?
  3. How do I enable LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor Settings?
  4. How do students download LockDown Browser?
  5. What are the system requirements?
  6. How does LockDown Browser + Respondus Monitor work?
  7. What does it look like for students?
  8. After I enable Respondus Monitor for an ALEKS exam, how can I modify settings?
  9. What if some of my students don’t have a webcam?
  10. What Facial Detection Setting should I use?
  11. How can I review students’ webcam activity?
  12. What resources can I share with my students?
  13. What if my institution’s license number doesn’t work?
  14. Additional Questions?

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