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Financial Markets and Institutions: 2024 Release
Financial Markets and Institutions: 2024 Release

Financial Markets and Institutions: 2024 Release

ISBN10: 1265068348 | ISBN13: 9781265068349
By Anthony Saunders, Marcia Cornett and Otgo Erhemjamts

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* The estimated amount of time this product will be on the market is based on a number of factors, including faculty input to instructional design and the prior revision cycle and updates to academic research-which typically results in a revision cycle ranging from every two to four years for this product. Pricing subject to change at any time.

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In response to evolving economic and competitive landscapes, this book underscores the increasing importance of focusing on both profit and risk. It provides a distinctive analysis of the risks encountered by investors and savers engaging with financial institutions and markets while offering strategies for effective risk management. Notably, the book explores emerging areas in finance, including asset securitization, off-balance-sheet activities, and the globalization of financial services. Emphasizing a risk measurement and management framework, it addresses the integration of domestic and foreign financial markets and the shift of financial intermediaries towards a unified financial services industry. 

The content, accessible to students at all levels, combines mathematical rigor with practical tools. It equips students with essential skills for comprehending and navigating the dynamic financial market environment, covering topics such as issuing and trading financial securities, and analyzing financial statements and loan applications. The book strikes a balance between descriptive concepts and analytical techniques, providing a comprehensive understanding of the unique operational context of modern financial markets and institutions.

 1 Introduction
 2 Determinants of Interest Rates 
 3 Interest Rates and Security Valuation 
 4 The Federal Reserve System, Monetary Policy, and Interest Rates 

 5 Money Markets 
 6 Bond Markets 
 7 Mortgage Markets 
 8 Stock Markets 
 9 Foreign Exchange Markets 
 10 Derivative Securities Markets 

 11 Commercial Banks 
 12 Commercial Banks’ Financial Statements and Analysis 
 13 Regulation of Commercial Banks 

 14 Other Lending Institutions 
 15 Insurance Companies 
 16 Securities Firms and Investment Banks 
 17 Investment Companies
 18 Pension Funds 
 19 Fintech Companies 

 20 Types of Risks Incurred by Financial Institutions 
 21 Managing Credit Risk on the Balance Sheet 
 22 Managing Liquidity Risk on the Balance Sheet 
 23 Managing Interest Rate Risk and Insolvency Risk on the Balance Sheet 
 24 Managing Risk off the Balance Sheet with Derivative Securities 
 25 Managing Risk off the Balance Sheet with Loan Sales and Securitization 

About the Author

Anthony Saunders

Anuhony Saunders is the John M. Schiff Professor of Finance and the former Chair of the Department of Finance at the Stem School of Business at New York University. Professor Saunders received his PhD from the London School of Economics and has taught both undergraduate- and graduate-level courses at NYU since 1978. Throughout his academic career, his teaching and research have specialized in financial institutions and international banking. He has served as a visiting professor all over the world, including INSEAD, the Stockholm School of Economics, and the University of Melbourne.

Professor Saunders has held positions on the Board of Academic Consultants of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors as well as the Council of Research Advisors for the Federal National Mortgage Association. In addition, Dr. Saunders has acted as a visiting scholar at the Comptroller of the Currency and at the Federal Reserve Banks of Philadelphia and New York. He was an academic consultant for the FDIC. He also held a visiting position in the research department of the International Monetary Fund. He is editor of Financial Markets, Instruments and Institutions. His research has been published in all the major money and banking and finance journals and in several books. In addition, he has authored or coauthored several professional books, including Credit Risk Measurement: New Approaches to Value at Risk and Other Paradigms, third edition, John Wiley and Sons, New York, 2010. In 2008, he was ranked as the most published author in the last SO years in the top seven journals in finance.

Marcia Cornett

Marcia Millon is the Cornett Robert A. and Julia E. Dorn Professor of Finance at Bentley University. She received her BS degree in economics from Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, and her MBA and PhD degrees in finance from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Dr. Cornett has written and published several articles in the areas of bank performance, bank regulation, corporate finance, and investments. 

Articles authored by Dr. Cornett have appeared in such academic journals as the Journal of Finance; Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking; Journal of Financial Economics; Financial Management; and Journal of Banking and Finance. She was recently ranked the 124th most published out of more than 17,600 authors and the number five female author in finance literature over the last 50 years. Along with Anthony Saunders and Otgontsetseg Erhemjamts, Dr. Cornett has recently completed work on the eighth edition of Financial Markets and Institutions (McGraw Hill Education). Along with Troy Adair and John Nofsinger, Dr. Cornett has recently completed work on the sixth edition of Finance: Applications and Theory (McGraw Hill Education). Dr. Cornett serves as an Associate Editor for the the Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Financial Services Research, Review of Financial Economics, Financial Review, and Multinational Finance Journal

Dr. Cornett has served as a member of the board of directors, the executive committee, and the finance committee of the SIU Credit Union. Dr. Cornett has also taught at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, the University of Colorado, Boston College, and Southern Methodist University. She is a member of the Financial Management Association, the American Finance Association, and the Western Finance Association.

Otgo Erhemjamts

Otgo Erhemjamts is the Dean of the School of Managment and Professor of Finance at University of San Francisco. She received her BS and MS degrees in Information Technology from Mongolian University of Science and Technology, her MS degree in Economics Tom University of Idaho, and her PhD degree in Finance from Georgia State University. Dr. Erhemjamts has written and published articles in the areas of risk management, bank performance, life insurer demutualizations, product market competition, industry structure, and corporate social responsibility. 

Her research has appeared in academic journals such as Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking; Journal of Banking and Finance; Journal of Risk and Insurance; and Journal of Business Ethics. Dr. Erhemjamts serves as an Associate Editor for the Global Finance Journal. She has taught undergraduate- and graduate-level courses in financial institutions, risk management and insurance, financial markets, investments, equity valuation, and sustainable investing it Georgia State University and Bentley University. Dr. Erhemjamts is a member of the Financial Management Association, the American Finance Association, and the Eastern Finance Association.

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