Avanti! https://www.mheducation.com/cover-images/Jpeg_400-high/1260015890.jpeg 5 9781260015898 Informed by second-language acquisition research, the Avanti! program for introductory Italian is known for its focused approach and flexible content, its emphasis on communicative competence, its opportunities for recycling, and its exploration of culture. With Avanti!, students begin to learn and practice the language while developing an authentic appreciation for Italian culture, both inside and outside of class. Avanti! is built around the following principles: Focus and Flexibility: Whereas most Italian programs attempt to cover too much material in the first year, Avanti! reflects a reasonable expectation that most beginning learners can acquire in one year of classroom instruction. The Strutture sections focus on the core structures that are necessary for meaningful communication at the elementary level. Additional structures are either presented “for recognition only” or appear in Per saperne di più, giving instructors flexibility to teach the grammar they want to teach. The Connect platform allows instructors to fully customize course content to meet the needs of their students, whether their courses are face-to-face, hybrid, or online. Communicative Competence: From the very beginning, Avanti! satisfies student's desire to communicate in everyday situations through a guided and gradual process of acquisition. In the Strategie di comunicazione authentic videos that open each chapter, students see and hear Italians of all ages and backgrounds using high-frequency, practical expressions that students can begin using immediately. Outside of class, McGraw Hill Connect® provides easy-to-use voice tools for synchronous partnered speaking practice and asynchronous chat (Recordable Video Chat and Voice Board powered by GoReact). With Avanti! students are always well supported in their practice whether in person or online, building their communicative competence along with their confidence. Recycling: Avanti! is designed to provide maximum exposure to vocabulary and grammar structures. Every fourth chapter provides practice of four previously taught grammar points, which are then followed by a related topic. Chapter 16 contains only review grammar sections, providing students with additional practice with challenging structures. With Adaptive Learning Assignments in Connect, students can practice key vocabulary and grammar points outside of class. Cultural Competence: In addition to providing a meaningful and extensive exploration of Italy's gorgeous and unique culture, the 5th edition of Avanti! places a new emphasis on the importance of intercultural competence. Students are asked to think critically about the experience of learning a language and how it can benefit people's lives through exposure to new skills, behaviors, and attitudes. The first of four new modules features a video interview of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jhumpa Lahiri, who sets the stage for new learners by describing the challenges and benefits of learning a new language. Subsequent modules feature a series of interviews with a diverse group of young Italians, and new activities related to intercultural competence have been added to each chapter (Prospettive a confronto and Cosa vedi? Cosa capisci?). The former Cultura section has also been extensively revised in this edition, with all sections renamed and re-envisioned to develop discourse-level language skills while exploring rich cultural content. Following a sensitivity analysis, users will also find more inclusive representation of the regions of Italy, historical information, race and ethnicity, gender and LGBTQ, religion, body image, mental health, and gender roles.


5th Edition
By Janice Aski and Diane Musumeci
ISBN10: 1260015890
ISBN13: 9781260015898
Copyright: 2022
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Capitolo 1 Per cominciare
Capitolo 2 Comè?
Capitolo 3 Cosa ti piace fare?
Capitolo 4 Che bella famiglia!
Capitolo 5 A tavola!
Capitolo 6 I vestiti e la moda
Capitolo 7 Cosa hai fatto questo weekend?
Capitolo 8 Che bella festa!
Capitolo 9 La scuola e il lavoro
Capitolo 10 La vita e il benessere
Capitolo 11 Casa dolce casa
Capitolo 12 In città
Capitolo 13 Andiamo in vacanza!
Capitolo 14 Chi sono gli italiani?
Capitolo 15 Quali lingue parli?
Capitolo 16 Sono famosi

About the Author

Janice Aski

Janice M. Aski is assistant professor and director of the Italian language program at The Ohio State University. She specializes in foreign language pedagogy and historical Italian/Romance linguistics. Her research in foreign language pedagogy explores a variety of topics, such as testing, teaching reading at the elementary level, and how first-year Italian textbooks and grammar practice activities reflect the most current research in second language acquisition. Her publications in historical Italian/Romance linguistics focus on the social, pragmatic and cognitive aspects of phonological and morphological change.

Diane Musumeci

Diane Musumeci is Associate Professor of Italian and SLATE (Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she is Head of the Department of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. She received her Ph.D. in Italian linguistics with a Certificate of Advanced Study in SLATE from the University of Illinois at Urban-Champaign in 1989. For sixteen years she was the Director of the Italian language program. She conducts research in content-based instruction and classroom language acquisition. She teaches a wide range of courses from Italian language and linguistics to doctoral seminars on the history of second language teaching. She has published numerous articles and chapters in books and is the author of Il carciofo: Strategie di lettura e proposte d'attività (McGraw-Hill, 1990) and Breaking Tradition: An Exploration of the Historical Relationship Between Theory and Practice in Second Language Teaching (McGraw-Hill, 1997).