Connect Master: Introduction to Business 2 9781264007394 Students in introduction to business courses often struggle to connect concepts to application. Connect Master 2.0 takes students higher, with adaptive questioning and activities, that allows them to demonstrate what they know and apply their learning to business world challenges. The following features of Connect Master 2.0 for Introduction to Business make it next level learning for today’s generation: • Granular/Customizable: Connect Master 2.0’s ability to customize content at the learning-objective level provides instructors the opportunity to specifically tailor student course materials to how the course is implemented. • Adaptive Learning: The Connect Master 2.0 Adaptive Learning creates a personalized learning experience for students, providing the opportunity to practice and persevere to enhance understanding of core concepts. • Reader: For thousands of years, stories have been used to pass down knowledge. Learners see themselves in a story and it makes them more likely to remember. The Connect Master 2.0 for Introduction to Business Reader helps students remember business content by framing it in the context of a story. • Performance Assessments: The Performance Assessments allow students to progress from understanding basic concepts to analyzing realistic scenarios and solving problems. • Core Concepts Notebook: While Connect Master 2.0 is a fully digital product, there is also a Core Concepts Notebook that can be used alongside the digital version for those students who value a print reference. The Core Concepts Notebook contains the essential narrative content (without the interactives) from the Connect Master 2.0 Reader and is available as a printable PDF within the Connect Master 2.0 course.
Connect Master: Introduction to Business

Connect Master: Introduction to Business

2nd Edition
By McGraw Hill
ISBN10: 1264007396
ISBN13: 9781264007394
Copyright: 2021
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ISBN10: 1264007396 | ISBN13: 9781264007394



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1. Fundamentals of the Business World
2. Acting Ethically and Socially Responsible
3. Fundamentals of Economics and Types of Markets
4. The Development of the Global Economy
5. Entrepreneurship: From Startup to Growth
6. Accounting and Financial Statements
7. Core Components of Finance and Banking
8. Securities, Investments, and Financial Literacy
9. Essentials of Leadership and Management10. Operations Management
11. Human Resource Management and Labor Relations
12. Organizational Behavior
13. Introduction to Marketing
14. Products
15. Pricing and Distribution
16. Promotion Mix: Tools, Goals, and Strategies