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Introducing Connect2: A Bold New Approach to Course Delivery

Connect2, currently available outside of the United States, is a collaborative teaching and learning environment that offers a complete course framework that educators can easily customize with their own content. Every course is developed by a curriculum design expert to ensure content is aligned with instructional strategies and learning objectives for optimal student learning. Connect2 includes a proven adaptive learning system that drives learning mastery with measurable results. Educators receive onboarding support and in-program guidelines for a smooth implementation. The benefit, educators save time and resources while improving student outcomes.

Connect2 is informed by a deep understanding of curriculum design principles and data analytics from over a thousand adaptive products spanning hundreds of course areas. Our authors and instructional design teams apply the data to identify content elements that optimize learning with pinpoint precision. The result is a tested and proven complete course framework with all the control and flexibility faculty expect and need.

For all media related enquiries, please contact Nina Chang.