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Incredible ease-of-use and completely transparent operation lets instructors focus on what they do best – teaching.

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Whether inside the classroom or out, Tegrity makes recording your lectures or supplementary course content a snap. Click a button to start recording*, click again to pause or stop, and Tegrity takes care of the rest. Recordings are automatically uploaded to the right course for only enrolled students to view.

Basic Features

Record from anywhere, anytime, with or without an Internet connection.

The Tegrity Recorder will work whether there is an active Internet connection or not, making it easy for instructors to record anywhere, anytime, whether in the class or sitting on the quad.

Tegrity Recorder screenshot

Unmatched ease-of-use.

Simply click to start recording, and click again to pause or stop. The recording is then uploaded to the right course automatically, for only those students enrolled in the course to view.

Adjust audio level and click ‘Record a Class’. Settings are automatically saved, so recording is usually just a click away.

Tegrity Recorder screenshot

Tegrity records everything presented on screen, plus audio and video (optional). For more bells and whistles, such as recording other video sources, check the beyond basics section.

Tegrity toolbar

The instructor can pause at any time during the recording. To end the recording, simply click ‘Stop’ on the Tegrity Toolbar.

Tegrity toolbar

With Tegrity’s advanced CMS/LMS integration, clicking ‘Upload’ automatically uploads the recording to the appropriate course.

End Recording screenshot

The recording is now available to students, who typically access Tegrity content through a link in the CMS/LMS.

Student home page screenshot

The student can begin viewing the recording at any point, or they can search for a specific word or phrase presented in class. If they set any bookmarks live in class, they could also click them to go to important points in the recording.

Student view of recordings

Capture audio, screen and video

Tegrity captures synchronized audio, video and computer screen activity with a click of a button. As a recording is in progress, an audio signal meter in the Tegrity Toolbar indicates that audio is being captured at an appropriate level.

Captures synchronized audio, video and computer screen activity

Pause recording

Tegrity puts instructors in control of what is and isn’t recorded. Instructors can click the pause button to pause recording, and click again to resume.

Tegrity toolbar

Automatic publishing

The publishing process with Tegrity is completely hands-free. With Tegrity’s powerful AAIRS™ integration technology, recordings are automatically uploaded to the right course. Instructors don’t have to worry about profiles, files, formats or folders.

End Recording screenshot

Only Tegrity has Native iOS and Android Apps.

No one does mobile like Tegrity, the only lecture capture solution with native apps for iPod Touch and iPhone, iPad and Android devices. And the Tegrity Mobile App lets students do much more than simply view recorded content. It provides students with a personalized learning environment that they can access from just about anywhere through today’s most popular mobile devices.


All course content in one place

The Tegrity Mobile App lets students access recordings across all their courses, in one place. Simply click on the desired course on the top of the screen, and all recordings for that course are shown. The courses presented are based on the user's enrollment, which is determined via the real-time connection that Tegrity's advanced AAIRS™ integration technology maintains with the CMS/LMS.

Controlled access

The Tegrity Mobile App works seamlessly with Tegrity's advanced AAIRS™ integration technology in order to authenticate users with the institution's authentication authority, allowing only those students with the appropriate credentials to view course recordings.

Search Anything™ Mobile

Students can search through recordings in order to find what they are looking for on the Tegrity web interface, so why wouldn't they want to do the same on their mobile device. They would of course, which is why the Tegrity Mobile App supports full search capability, letting students quickly find the content they need to review.

Smart Bookmarks

Tegrity allows students to efficiently access specific instructor content through “Important”, “Unclear” or “General” bookmarks they have created. They may also record personal comments to help them further define their bookmarks, allowing them to focus their study time addressing personal problem areas or key content they are responsible for. Smart Bookmarks may also be easily sorted to maximize study efficiency.

Speed it up, slow it down

As students view Tegrity recordings through the Tegrity Mobile App, they can easily speed up or slowdown playback speed. This is great for ESL students who want to slow the rate of the instructor's speech, or the medical school student that wants to increase the playback speed in order to review a large amount of content as efficiently as possible.

Advanced Features

Broadcast class live

If the instructor wishes, he or she can webcast their class live as it is being recorded. When students login to Tegrity, a “Live Now” indicator will let students know when a class is being webcast live.

When recording a class, the instructor simply checks the “Webcast” checkbox to broadcast the class live over the web to enrolled students.

Tegrity Recorder screenshot

Tegrity records everything presented on screen, plus audio and video (optional). For more bells and whistles, such as recording other video sources, check the beyond basics section.

Tegrity Recordings List screenshot

Let students make their own recordings

Whether it’s a speech for a communications course or a presentation for a business course, students can also record with Tegrity. Once the recording is complete, it is automatically uploaded to the appropriate course where instructors can view it through a separate tab labeled “Student Recordings”.

tegrity recorder tegrity student option

Smart Bookmarks

Tegrity allows instructors (and students) to easily create different Bookmark types with personal notes for efficiently locating and accessing content within recordings. Bookmarks may be classified as “Important”, “Unclear” or “General”. Instructors are further provided an efficient opportunity to pinpointing problem content areas by viewing student bookmark trends and viewing anonymously supplemental student bookmark notes created. Having this insight allows instructors an opportunity to quickly and efficiency resolve content problem areas students may be struggling with. All bookmarks may be easily sorted to maximize instructor and student efficiency.

Smart Bookmarks screenshot

Add supporting files

In addition to easily capturing the Instructors’ presented content, audio and video, Instructors have the added option of uploading supplemental content for students to access and download for anytime viewing, such as Microsoft Office documents, PDF files, etc.

Add Additional file screenshot

Enable public link

While standard viewing access is limited to those students enrolled in the course, instructors can create special links to allow public access to specific recordings.

Share Recording screenshot

Move, copy, rename or delete

Need to move or copy a recording for a specific course from one semester to the next? Tegrity’s built-in content management system makes it as easy as selecting the recording, selecting the course you want to move it to, and pressing “OK”. There’s never a need to call your IT help desk to move, copy, delete or rename your recordings.

Copy Recording screenshot

Validate Online Exam Integrity with Remote Proctoring

Tegrity’s Remote Proctoring feature can provide students the ability to take exams remotely, while ensuring the integrity of the exam results. A webcam and microphone records the student taking the test, as well as all their screen activity. The recordings cannot be paused, and are uploaded for instructors to review at up to 8x speed.

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As part of the workflow, both the institution and individual instructor can present a policy statement that must be accepted by the student taking an exam.

Start a Test screenshot

Once the policy statement(s) is accepted, the student confirms that audio and video (typically a webcam) are working properly.

woman on tegrity screenshot

The student is asked to present their student or other form of ID in order to prove their identity as the appropriate test taker.

student showing id

When the exam is completed, the student clicks stop in the Tegrity Toolbar (there is no pause function for Remote Proctoring) and the recording is uploaded to the appropriate course.

End Recording screenshot

The recording of the exam appears in the instructor’s Tegrity environment under a new tab labeled “Tests”. It can be played back at up to 8x speed, or reviewed at random points in order to confirm that no cheating has occurred.

Recorded Exam screenshot


No Change In Teaching Style

Tegrity doesn’t require that you change your pedagogical approach or routine. There is no need to stand in a specific spot or interact with the system in any way as you are recording. Rather, you simply click the record button, and teach as you normally would. Or if you are recording a learning supplement, such as an exam review, you can do so from your office or home. When you’re finished recording, Tegrity will automatically upload it to the correct course for enrolled students to view instantly.

Increased Student Engagement

Have you ever looked across the classroom or lecture hall only to see students with their heads down, furiously trying to keep up with notes? A typical instructor can speak 120 words per minute, while the average student can write about 20 words per minute. This constant game of catch up puts the focus on writing versus active listening. Students that have access to their class recordings through Tegrity are relieved of the stress of keeping up with notes, and spend more time listening and participating in class; creating a more engaging experience for both students and instructors alike.

Content Control

One of the things that instructors love about Tegrity is that it puts them in control of what is being recorded, as well as who can view them. Instructors can pause the recording at any time with a click of a button if they don’t want something recorded. On the flip side, while instructors can make a recording public, the Tegrity default setting is to limit viewing access to only those students enrolled in the course. Instructors can take further measures to protect the content, such as disabling downloading of the recording (in which case they can only be streamed).

Improved Course Ratings

According to student surveys conducted by Tegrity as well as our customers, more than 80% of students are more satisfied with courses that use Tegrity compared to those courses that do not. If your performance as an instructor is judged in part by student course ratings, Tegrity is likely to improve your performance ratings.

Simple Online Course Delivery

Tegrity makes it incredibly easy to take your courses online. When instruction is recorded, students relax, and are able to refocus their energy into engage in your course at a much deeper level than ever experienced before, rather than feverishly attempting to write every spoken word. Simply click the record button, and students can view the class live, or watch it later on-demand. As students view your uploaded recordings, they can easily search for desired content or create their own personal Smart Bookmarks and correlating notes. Instructors can upload supplementary content or record their critique of student submitted assignments to provide pointed feedback. Instructors can create assignments that require students to submit their own recordings. The result is an online learning experience that is both engaging and effective.