5 Key Ways Students’ Say Digital Technology is Improving Their Grades

By McGraw-Hill Higher Education

November 29, 2017

The use of technology in both face-to-face and online classrooms is growing but are students benefitting in practical, grade-based ways?


Over 60% of students say digital learning technology has improved their grades

Here’s what students say about the effect of technology on their learning and grades:

  • 60% of students reported that using digital learning technology as improved their grades
  • 89% of students say digital learning technology helps them retain new concepts
  • Top results from students who use digital learning technology include:
    1. 47% - made me better prepared for class
    2. 46% - improved my studying efficiency (saves me time studying)
    3. 46% - improved my communication with peers
    4. 35% - reduced stress related to studying/exams
    5. 29% - made me more confident in my studies

Source: McGraw-Hill 2017 Digital Trends Student Survey. Click here to download the full report.