This resource was developed to support your exploration of Master 2.0 for your Basic Course in Communication. Everyone’s Basic Course is different, and Master 2.0 is designed to flex to meet a variety of approaches and modalities.

Take this 1-minute quiz to tell us about your course: its duration, modality, and what types of speeches (if any) you cover. We will set you up with a Connect account and a curated course that meets your specific needs. You can tailor the contents of your curated course on your own or work one-on-one with a McGraw-Hill team member to get it just right.

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Connect Master 2.0 Basic Course in Communication: Our brand new, entirely digital program for the Basic Course in Communication can be used in:

  • Introduction to Communication courses
  • Public Speaking courses

Connect Master 2.0 Basic Course in Communication’s customizable content is built with deliberate instructional alignment which provides students with focused instruction and assessments. Connect Master takes students beyond rudimentary knowledge to mastery of foundational concepts through adaptive learning with just-in-time learning resources, paired with practical assessments. Explore each tab to learn more about how Connect Master 2.0 works for you and your students!

Connect Master 2.0: The Basic Course in Communication

Digital-First Courseware

Connect Master 2.0 Basic Course in Communication content is designed for digital use, rather than a static reading experience. This allows for:

  • More immersive concept exploration
  • Boosted engagement and efficiency for students
  • Greater ability to reconfigure and customize
  • Regular and seamless updates to content
  • Same learning experience for all students

*We offer a print planning guide complimentary for instructors.
(You can ask your McGraw-Hill representative for ISBN 1259667197.)

Adaptive Learning

Helps assess students’ level of completion and comprehension of material before class. Allows less time teaching what students covered in Adaptive Learning and more time for speeches, group work, or other important activities.

  • Instructors can build assignments that cover only the topics or concepts that they want to focus class attention on, resulting in a focused, streamlined learning experience for students.
  • Adaptive Learning gives each student a personalized path to learning topics or concepts. All adaptive content—including questions and learning resources—is specifically targeted to, and directly aligned with, the individual learning objectives being assessed.
  • Reporting tools in Adaptive Learning show where students are struggling to understand specific concepts and where they excel.

Instructional Alignment

Connect Master 2.0 for the Basic Course in Communication meets the overlapping but distinct needs of both the Public Speaking and Introduction to Communication courses. Instructional alignment makes this possible and lets the instructor select content and assessments in the order, depth, and breadth they want.

  • Connect Master 2.0 is organized into ten modules. Each module is composed of several learning objectives, and each piece of content in the product is tied to one of those learning objectives.
  • Learning objectives, assessments, and instructional content are aligned to ensure instruction directly supports assessment.
  • A scaffolded approach helps ensure that students develop the foundational understanding necessary to build their knowledge and receive the practice they need to conquer higher-level assessments
  • This alignment also allows a view into how the different aspects of the learning experience connect, making it easier to see the wider implications of changes and to make effective customizations.

Module 1: Fundamentals of Communication
Module 2: Communication Contexts & Relationships
Module 3: Audience in Public Speaking
Module 4: Ethics & Civility
Module 5: Speech Preparation & Delivery
Module 6: Listening & Responding
Module 7: Persuasion
Module 8: Informative Speeches
Module 9: Persuasive Speeches
Module 10: Special Occasion Speeches

Practical Assessments

These assessments require students to perform a task to demonstrate their mastery of a concept. A practical assessment generally measures students’ learning on the higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy (e.g., apply, analyze, evaluate, create).

  • Application-Based Activities (ABAs)—These present students with realistic scenarios in which they must develop and apply the skills needed in a Public Speaking or Introduction to Communication course.
  • Writing Assignment Premium—This toolset offers faculty the ability to assign a full range of writing assignments to students (both manual-scoring and auto-scoring) with just-in-time feedback
  • Speech Videos for Analysis—Videos of full speeches and needs-improvement versions are accompanied by multiple-choice, check all that apply, true/false, and short-answer questions.
  • Speech AssignmentsVideo Capture powered by GoReact is an assignment type in Connect that allows you to customize your own speech assignment, including in-class and online speeches and presentations, self-review, and peer review.