This resource was developed to support your exploration of Master 2.0 for your Basic Course in Communication. Everyone’s Basic Course is different, and Master 2.0 is designed to flex to meet a variety of approaches and modalities.

Take this 1-minute quiz to tell us about your course: its duration, modality, and what types of speeches (if any) you cover. We will set you up with a Connect account and a curated course that meets your specific needs. You can tailor the contents of your curated course on your own or work one-on-one with a McGraw-Hill team member to get it just right.

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Connect Master 2.0 Basic Course in Communication: Our brand new, entirely digital program for the Basic Course in Communication can be used in:

  • Introduction to Communication courses
  • Public Speaking courses

Connect Master 2.0 Basic Course in Communication’s customizable content is built with deliberate instructional alignment which provides students with focused instruction and assessments. Connect Master takes students beyond rudimentary knowledge to mastery of foundational concepts through adaptive learning with just-in-time learning resources, paired with practical assessments. Explore each tab to learn more about how Connect Master 2.0 works for you and your students!

Connect Master 2.0: The Basic Course in Communication

Digital-First Courseware

Connect Master 2.0 Basic Course in Communication content is designed for digital use, rather than a static reading experience. This allows for:

  • More immersive concept exploration
  • Boosted engagement and efficiency for students
  • Greater ability to reconfigure and customize
  • Regular and seamless updates to content
  • Same learning experience for all students

*We offer a print planning guide complimentary for instructors.
(You can ask your McGraw-Hill representative for ISBN 1259667197.)