Topic: pH and What else now?

By Priya Venkatesan

To understand what exactly is the pH value?
1. What is pH?
2. Will it teach you to eat and digest food better?
3. Can you change the acidic/alkaline nature of foods by varying ingredients and cooking methods?
4. What is the pH value of orange juice, bread, and milk?
5. Do you get heartburn only because of eating acidic foods?
6. Is heartburn reserved for older people?
7. Who typically gets heartburn and why?
8. Where do eggs rate on the pH scale?
9. How will you use the information that you just learned to improve your health?

Do you have 5 minutes to watch a video on the pH scale? It is a perfect place to start the learning process. Click here to watch
Watch a quick video on heartburn.

Criteria to collect 20 Points
1. Answer the 9 questions above to share your story.